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Customized training programs, e-learning courses, accountability coaching and after school programs for personal and business growth.


Taking the development of your business, your children and yourself to the next level

Curated Training Programs

Bespoke training programs meticulously tailored to unlock the potential of your current employees, nurture future leaders, and seamlessly onboard incoming new hires. Experience the transformative power of our custom-designed programs and empower your workforce for lasting success

Accountability Coaching

Personalized coaching that helps you stay committed to your goals and take consistent action by providing support and guidance to enhance productivity and help you achieve your desired results.

E-Learning Courses

Revitalize your training content with our expertly crafted e-learning modules. From updates to new designs, Nomad Training and Coaching Solutions delivers engaging solutions for maximum knowledge retention and learner engagement.

After School Programs

We are driven by our passion to nurture the next generation through the exhilarating sport of Rugby. Our after-school flag rugby programs, available for students in K-12, provide an engaging platform to learn the game, foster confidence, promote physical activity, and above all, ensure an enjoyable experience for every child involved.


About the Nomad...

Shade Hartline 

How can you boost production, foster a culture of high performers, and reduce attrition? By investing in your employees' development.

Looking to enhance your own productivity, build stronger relationships, and lead a more fulfilling life? Build a reputation based on accountability.

Want to instill new values, boost your child's confidence, provide a fun outlet for activity, and help them make new friends? Enroll them in our values-based sports program alongside their peers.

With over a decade of experience in teaching, training, and coaching across various fields, Shade brings empathetic inquisition, solution-oriented thinking, and a detailed approach to create a conducive learning environment. Having worked with renowned entertainment agencies, global recruitment firms, respected universities, and progressive sports programs, Shade's passion lies in driving improvement.


Shade's personal journey from an obese high school dropout to a college athlete, academic and respected training professional has taught him the significance of education, accountability, and humility in transforming lives for the better. Utilizing the wisdom gained from diverse experiences, Shade, known as the Nomad, humbly dedicates himself to helping businesses, teams, and individuals thrive.




"Shade is far from your ordinary L&D consultant. With a remarkable blend of skills cultivated through his passion for academia, energetic sales expertise, and a meticulous coaching approach, he stands out in the industry.

What sets Shade apart is his ability to not only create and facilitate effective training programs and modules but also delve deeper into coaching individuals – from trainees to professionals and leaders. This unique approach not only complements the desired training objectives but also offers a curated experience that is both practical and highly effective.

When you work with Shade, you're not getting just another consultant; you're gaining a partner who is committed to empowering your team and driving tangible results through personalized and results-driven strategies." - Giles Remmington CPO (Global Staffing)



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San Diego, Ca
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